back in Yangshuo

After leaving this place for 3 weeks to go and visit family and friends in Belgium, I’m glad I’m back home, in Yangshuo. I missed my little town! I flew from Paris to Hong Kong, which was exhausting: 11 hours on a plane and I couldn’t sleep. I flew from Paris on Friday evening 11pm and arrived in Hong Kong at 6pm Saturday evening local time (there’s a 7 hours difference). That same evening I went by bus to Guangzhou, because I wanted to meet a Chinese friend there who works in a hotel and I hadn’t seen her for almost 2 years. It was really nice to see her back! On Sunday morning, another Chinese friend called me at 8am. I was still sleeping and the first minutes I didn’t know where I was. I dreamt I was still in Belgium and there I was, lying in a hotel room with someone on the phone speaking in Chinese. That was a real shock! I had a nice day in Guangzhou, but I wanted to go to Yangshuo as soon as possible. On Sunday evening, I took the night bus to Yangshuo and finally after 8 hours, I was in my town ! The soon as I saw the karst mountains, my heart was pounding and I knew this is my home, it’s not in Belgium anymore… That Monday I saw some friends again and we were all happy to see each other again. We missed each other a lot! I didn’t sleep that Monday nor the next night. I was too excited and overwhelmed. Everyone was telling me about what they’ve done the past weeks and about their plans for Christmas and New Year. The first few days I ate everything I had to miss during my weeks in Belgium: chao da chow mien (fried peeled noodles) at gan’s, shucai tang mien (vegetable noodles soup) at minority’s, making huo guo (hotpot) at home, eating snacks and fruits, drinking cha… I love this life!! Every day, friends are calling me or they see me on the street and they say that they’re glad to see me back. On Thursday, I had Chinese class again with Janie and Tom. Janie told me that maybe Tom and I are on a different level, because, Tom practiced his Chinese a lot and I didn’t. But after 3 hours of class (!), in the end my head couldn’t take it anymore, she was amazed and said that my Chinese is still really good and that I will be able to keep up with Tom 😀 Nice to hear that I’m not so bad after all. Thursday evening we hired a KTV, karaoke bar, with 20 friends. At first we sang some cheesy songs and around midnight we danced on some good music. We danced until 2am. The next morning I had to get up at 7am, because there are 2 Israeli girls that want to learn tai chi and I have to teach them. Sihai, the bar I used to dance every weekend, is closed this month, but Friday was the fishing festival, so Ricky, the manager called me that he opened the bar for just that evening. But I was too tired to go out. Yesterday, Saturday, we had a dinner at our apartment. We were with 10 people. Tom made his pumpkin soup and I made hotpot. It was really nice! We had great fun. After that we went out. We went through west street, but it was really quiet. We bumped into Ricky (keep on bumping into him ) and I asked him if the bar could be open at western newyear and he said he will try, but he can’t promise anything, because they’ll do some big construction works to make the bar bigger. We finally found a bar where they played some ok music and we danced there until 3am. I’m also excited of going to India: yesterday, I booked my flight to Delhi on 8 January…


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