merry christmas and happy newyear

I had a great birthday, christmas and newyear!!

First, I had to work on my birthday. I had a job at a hotel where I taught English to the staff. The hotel is near moon hill, which is 45 min cycling from Yangshuo. I always went by bike (it’s a good exercise 😉 I wa nearly there when I had a flat tire, again… It was the 6th time in a couple weeks time already. The manager of the hotel, passed by on her scooter and I asked her if there was a repair man in the village. She said she will already tell him that I was coming. So, when I was at the village, some farmer women yelled at me and took me to the repair man. While he was repairing my bike, they kept on talking to me. By that time, there were already 5 women. It was a great way to practice my chinese and in the end, it seemed that they all had at least 1 son and they wanted to introduce me to their sons. No thanks!!
In the evening, I had an early christmas dinner with some friends at minority cafe, a small restaurant where we sit almost every day now and where the English people told the girls how to make a proper English christmas meal. Poor girls… But the christmas dinner was really good!!! I had nutroast for the first time in my life and some good old English gravy 😀
After that, we went to a new bar, where George, my kung fu teacher knows the owner. He hung a banner with ‘happy birthday’ and gave us a fruit platter and cake for free. We were with 15 people and it was great. I really enjoyed it!

On christmas day, we had a party at Gerd’s. A man from Belgium, Gent, who has a guesthouse just outside Yangshuo. We had to dress up: some came as Jesus, some as elves, 1 as a reindeer and I was a christmas tree. We were with 15 people and had a great time. The food was delicious, Gerd even had a deep-frier, so we had good Belgian fries… It was also 15-18 degrees, so we sat outside the whole evening. After dinner we danced for quite a while. Around midnight, I went back together with Russ, a friend from England. And because there were roadworks, I fell with my bike. I didn’t feel a thing, untill the next day: my chin was swollen and the skin was scraped off, I had a couple of deep cuts in my right leg, some bruises… I had difficulties with eating for a couple of days, but that’s all better now!

On newyear’s eve, we hired a KTV (a karaokebar, which is very popular in Asia, but last month we found out that you can also put on some dance music and have your own rave party) and invited everyone we knew. At first, we sang some songs and around 11pm, we put on the dance music. At one point, there were some 40 people. It was great fun, but around 12.30 a lot of them left: all the chinese people went home, because for them it was just a regular weekday, they had to work the next day. We went to a dancing club on west street: the stone rose, where apparently all the other westerners were and danced there for a couple hours. When the music there became too cheesy, we went to kaya, but there weren’t many people left and we left after half an hour. It was already 4.00 We ate some rice noodles, before going home (dancing makes you hungry) and went home after that. It was a great start for the newyear!!

On January 8, I’m flying from Guangzhou to New Delhi and will do a yoga course in Rishikesh. After that I will visit the Taj Mahal, and from there I will go to Kerala by train, a journey of 46 hours… I don’t know yet how long I will stay in India. It depends on the fact if I like it there and what things I can do. I’m really looking forward to it!!


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