In India


I arrived 8 January in Delhi and when I came out of the airport, I already had my first Indian encounter: I had to pay for a taxi at a stall to get a fixed price, zhich was good. But then, they directed me to a taxi, but others said I had to go to another taxi and they directed me from one taxi to another, very confusing. There was also a heavy scent of marihuana. So, I didn’t know what to think of all that. Finally, I got in a taxi (made in the 1930s, I think) and we went for a mad ride through Delhi traffic.
When I came to the hotel, Kristen came downstairs and we hugged each other for a while. It was so good to see each other back!! The manager gave me a room: it was very basic: no sheets, only blankets and I didn’t want to take a shower. It was too basic and no hot water.
The next day, Kristen and I, explored Delhi. We were excited about everything. Even the fact that Kristen got rammed by a cow ( not very hard, fortunately) didn’t temper our excitement. When it was too dangerous, people told us that we couldn’t go that way, it was better to turn around. They were all really friendly. Children came and wanted to say hello and give us a hand. At first, we thought they were beggars, but that was not it. They were just friendly.
Kristen and I took the same train to Haridwar and Naomi had another train. Ours was in Haridwar at January 9 in the evening. When we got off, we saw a man surrounded by people who took pictures and shouted at him. We thought it was some guru, but it turned out to be some high politician. We were a bit disappointed.
We booked a hotel in Haridwar for the night. Naomi had called us that her train was delayed. When we didn’t hear from her around midnight we were really worried. She called us around 2am, I was sleeping and thought it was my alarm and put it off, but Kristen was shouting that maybe that was Naomi. After 15min she finally got me awake enough to actually check the number and call it. It was Naomi to ask in which hotel we were staying.
In the morning we walked down the streets of Haridwar and we met an Indian man who wrote a couple famous books (bestsellers in America) and he was on his way to Rishikesh, because there will be a famous festival on Jan 14: the water festival. It’s held every 20 years and he was planning this trip for 5 years now, because he wants to write a book about it. Apparently, on that day people bathe in the Ganges and they won’t have a rebirth anymore. So, it’s really special for the Hindus.

When we were in Rishikesh, we saw heaven: the Ganges surrounded by mountains and yoga-ashrams everywhere. Unfortunately, the ashram where we would follow a course, turned out to be a scam: there was no yoga, only meditation and chanting. Not my, Naomi or Kristen’s cup of tea. So we left after 1 day. We were a bit disappointed, but we found something much better: a course internationally recognized (we triple-checked to be sure this time) for 6 weeks. It starts on febr 1. Untill then we follow yoga classes in different ashrams to get a taste of the different kinds of yoga. It’s amazing! I live in a dream right now. I really like yoga and I want to stay here as long as possible to get really good at it. I already bent my body in postures I never knew my body was capable of ;D


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