My spiritual awakening


Kristen and I share a room in an ashram and Naomi got her own room (our room is 250 rupees, 3,5 euro/night and Naomi’s is 150 rupees, included are 2 yogaclasses each day). The rooms are very basic: we have sometimes electricity, we have to wash ourself with a bucket and there are no sheets on the bed, only blankets (we try hard not to think of when was the last time the blankets were washed). Rishikesh is amazing though, at least this part of the Ganges. There are 2 bridges over the Ganges: ram jhula and laxman jhula. We are at the more spiritual side of town: ram jhula. The view is magnificent! There are a lot of cows, dogs and monkeys on the street, and therefor also a lot of cow droppings to be careful about 😉
I like the Indian food: chapati, aloo gobhi, paneer, palak. I start to know what they mean and it’s all delicious. In Delhi and Haridwar, we chose foodstalls on the street, but here we already have a couple of good restaurants where we go regularly. Sometimes, we buy chai or coffee at a stall on the street and after we drank it, we see how the glasses are washed, we are a bit worried that we would get sick, but so far we feel fine. Kristen and I even drink from the tap (if the water is hot), others were surprised and told us definitely not to drink that, but we have been doing it for a week now and are still not sick, so it’s ok.

We also diagnosed the WHS, wobbling head syndrome. It’s really funny! A lot of Indians don’t say yes or no, just wobble with their head. They don’t say no at all, they say yes or just wobble. So we have to pay attention at how to ask something. On the other hand, it’s nice to be in a country where most of the people speak English.
Rishikesh is also one big playground. We can’t decide wether it’s a campus of university or it’s summercamp. A little bit of both, I guess. We can do yoga anywhere really cheap (150 rupees for 2 hours, 2,5 euros) and there are lectures every day about hindu philosophy, -culture and meditation. For me it’s a whole new world and a whole new way of thinking. I become more aware about everything: my mind, my body, the environment I’m in.  This is a whole new and exciting experience!!

Om shanti to everyone (peace)


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