end of the course and back in China

The teacher training course is finished. We all got our certificate and a white shawl wrapped around us in a final puja (prayer ceremony).  We went to the beach and made a bonfire, had dinner and did a funny yoga class. Everyone had a name that was remarkable for them and had to teach a yoga pose. I was kung fu Kathy and had to teach the Jackie Chan pranayama (pranayama are breathing exercises). That evening, we already had to say goodbye to  people, who would leave early next moning.

I will miss everyone on the course. They were all great people! I got some good friends now from all around the world. ..

I stayed in Rishikesh for another 10 days and I was a bit bored. It was really hot, so, I couldn’t do a lot of yoga, because I was really suffering from the heat. On 24 march, I went by train to Delhi. That was again a real adventure because of kumh mela, the festival. I had to take a rikshaw from Rishikesh to Haridwar, but they couldn’t bring me to the trainstation, because the city is still closed because of the festival. They could take me to 2 km from the station. Hmmm, picture me with a heavy backpack, a heavy handbag, a yoga mat and another plastic bag in 40 degrees. I didn’t like the thought of walking like that through the crowd, but fortunately, I saw some bicycle rikshaws (they can go into the city) and I took one to the station. I paid the man more than double the price, because I was so glad he helped me, and which was still less than 1 euro.
When the train entered Delhi, 6 hours later, it had something of a scene from a WWII movie. I saw ruins and a lot of debris. Very skinny people in rags were walking or crawling over the debris. It looked I entered a warzone. I could also hardly breathe because of the pollution. The next day, I stayed in my hotel, because I had a major headache and I didn’t feel safe to go outside alone: all the men on the street were staring at me and shouting. The city is really dirty and polluted, you have to watch where you walk and the traffic is pure chaos…
The day after that,26 march, I booked a sightseeing trip through Delhi. But the bus was not what I expected. I booked the luxury thing, which was only 300 rupees (4,5 euros) for a whole day. But the bus was really small, and there was no A/C. The bus was full of middle-aged men, who, as soon as I stepped on the bus, undressed me with their eyes. I felt already uncomfortable. There was 1 guy of 25 years old and we started talking. He was really cute and nice, his name is Guru. He is from Kerala, but works in Bangalore and he was for his work in Delhi and had some free time. We had a terrific day together: we made a lot of fun, talked about all kinds of things and when we visited Qutab minar, a famous tower in Delhi and I had to pay 250 rupees and Indians only 10 rupees, he said that he said he would’ve tried to tell them that I was his wife, so I had to pay less as well, but he thought it would take a lot of trouble. They would’ve checked it. But it was sweet of him.
The tour was finished around 7pm and we had dinner together. After dinner, we walked a bit around in Delhi, but it was too chaotic, too dirty, we couldn’t breathe, there were drug addicts alongside the road giving each other a shot. So, we looked for a quiet spot and sat and talked. We embraced each other and stayed like that for a long while. He told me about his difficulties with girls and how relationships work in India. The parents have a major influence on the girl and the caste system is still strong. I was shocked to hear his story and wished I could say something. Instead, I just held him in my arms and listened. I think he needed that. After some time, we both went to our own hotel and the next morning I had to go to the airport around 7.30 am. I called him around 7 and he came to my hotel to say goodbye. It was sad, we both didn’t want to leave each other. He is so sweet, I like him!!

I’m in Beijing right now. It feels good to be on Chinese soil again, but I will miss India too. I know that I only saw a little part of India, so I will definitely come back to see more. And I want to see Kerala, now I have an extra reason to visit it 😉 My hotel in Beijing is in the middle of the hutongs, really a nice spot. It’s nice and I can’t wait to welcome my parents in China.


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