back in Yangshuo

ni hao,

I’m back in Yangshuo and this is where I longed for!!! I’m finally home again!
I was a bit homesick in India and Beijing, because I really missed my town, my apartment,… And now I’m so happy to be here again and to see all my friends again. I was surprised to see that a lot of my friends are still in Yangshuo. Some go to Thailand or other warmer countries for the winter and come back in April or May. My parents are still here as well and they say they had a great time here. They like Beijing, especially the great wall and the forbidden city, but it’s a big city and it’s too crowded and too busy. Yangshuo is more on the countryside. The food here is more delicious, the environment is beautiful. It’s nice to see they like it as well, but they couldn’t live here, they say, which I’m glad to hear 😉 Don’t want to have my folks around me here 😛
Tomorrow, I’ll go with them to Shenzhen and see them off. And from next week on, I’ll teach English again in the mornings and will practice kung fu and tai chi again.  And I will start learning chinese again. I’m surprised of how much I can already understand, but I still have to learn a lot to become fluent. I ‘m also looking forward to have my own life and my old routine again. Although, in Yangshuo it will never be a routine. Here nothing will stay the same: you can meet new people from all over the world, have to teach somewhere else, have a business opportunity,… You just have to stay flexible the whole time, which I like the most about this place. There are already some opportunities for having a business here, but I’ll see what the future will bring. Right now, I will enjoy living here again and I keep my ears and eyes open to certain opportunities… I’ll keep you updated.

Keep mailing me about what’s going on in your lives. Love to hear your stories as well…
Stay in touch


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