Long time no post

It’s been a couple of years since I posted something here… WordPress was blocked in China and I didn’t have a good vpn, but this has changed now. I wanted to have contact with the outer world again πŸ˜‰ I am using Astrill vpn, a good and fast one for only 6 US dollars a month.

A lot has happened in these past 2 years, but one thing stayed the same: I still live in Yangshuo!Β 
A couple of months ago I published an article in China daily about my life here:


My Chinese journey still continues and it will continue for many many years. I love this country!

I just came back from Hong Kong and I have a one year visa now, which is again a big relief. The only trouble with living in China is that you are never sure for how long you will have a visa and how much it will cost you. I go to forever bright in Hong Kong. That agency proves to be the best and the cheapest. I go there in the morning and I can get my visa that same afternoon, so I don’t have to stay overnight in Hong Kong, but I always combine this with some shopping in Shenzhen πŸ™‚ If you want to go shopping for clothes and shoes, you can go to Dongmen (metro station Laojie). There you have some good cheap stuff, but all fake. If you, like me, want to have some decent quality and you want to have a foreign supermarket as well, you can go to MixC mall (metro station grand theater). They have all the foreign brands and a big Ole supermarket at the bottom of the mall. If you want to shop for electronics, Huaqiangbei is the place to be!

I took the train back now, because the night bus is a pain in the ass. I never sleep on the bus as it’s quite uncomfortable (bumpy roads, stops in the middle of the night where they turn on the lights, smelly feet, dusty blankets). The train takes longer: 12 hours instead of 8 and stops in Guilin instead of Yangshuo, but at least it goes very smooth and you can get a decent night of sleep (take your mp3-player with you, because you can have snoring people close to you, like I had πŸ˜› The train is also well-organised: I had the hard sleeper, which has 3 beds: 1 down, 1 middle and 1 on the top. On your ticket you see your compartment and the number of your bunkbed. The lowest bed is the most expensive, 10yuan less and you have the middle or the top is another 10 yuan cheaper. At the beginning of your journey, they ask your ticket and give you a card with the number of your bed, that way, the personnel knows where you have to get off. Half an hour before you arrive they give you your ticket back. There is an aisle next to the beds, where you can sit and look outside. There are also enough toilets and in every compartment you have always a tank with hot water.

That’s a bit of information about traveling in China…

Till next time (you won’t have to wait 2 years now)



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