The 5-year-blues??

I have been living in Yangshuo for more than 5 years now and I am confused, disoriented, lost direction.
I have seen this happening before with other expats living here in Yangshuo, after 5 years, if they hadn’t built a life by then (family, business) they would leave, mostly to a big city in China where you can earn more. I found this a strange phenomenon and couldn’t grasp why people would leave this idyllic place and live in a polluted city. Now I know…

Yangshuo is good to relax and have fun, but if you want to build a life, a future and earn decent money, Yangshuo is not the place. I am teaching fulltime now and I earn just enough to have a good life here, but if I want to travel, if I want to save money, it’s not enough. If I would work the same job, the same amount of hours in a big city, I would earn 3 times more. That is not motivating to stay here, even though it is a beautiful place. It would be better to live and work in a big city and to see Yangshuo as a vacation place, which I am more and more inclined to do! Especially, because Yangshuo is a big tourist destination, and it will be overwhelmed with more and more tourists every year. Then, my beautiful idyllic place will not be that idyllic anymore. I would get more and more annoyed by those 1 or 2 days sightseers who come to spoil the last quiet and clean places left here.

Time to get my life sorted out and to finally find a place where I can build a life, have a decent job and have enough to travel everywhere, not only the remote cheap destinations.

To be continued….




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