Back in Belgium… For good???

i am 5 weeks in Belgium again now. And it goes surprisingly well. Too good, actually. I had (and still have) a lot of mixed feelings. But, I am getting more and more the feeling of staying in Belgium again. 

I had a great time in China and still love the Chinese culture, but it’s so hard to build a life as a Westerner and especially as a Western woman. I am getting tired of relocating, visa problems, making new friends all the time, not earning a lot of money. The town I lived is Yangshuo, a touristy town, which is getting more and more touristy. So, I have to change apartments every year now, because they are rebuilding all the apartments into hotels. I was thinking of going to a big city in China, but then I have to start afresh again: no friends, no familiar places. I would be all by myself for the first months, which scares me a bit.

So, Belgium was a kind of rethinking my life. It was nice to see my family and friends again here and it felt like home again, it felt like I have never left. It felt like… The right thing to do. 
I have a lot of experience in Tai Chi and Yoga, the Eastern philosophies. I want to do something with this knowledge now: I can teach people in the west how to integrate a healthy lifestyle and healthy exercises into their daily life. I have never completed my bachelor of arts, which I could use then to combine Western philosophy and Eastern philosophy together: I would like to teach history and philosophy or guide people in Europe to teach them about our beautiful old culture and sometimes guide people in China to teach them about the ancient culture there. So many possibilities here, which I would not have in China. 

The beginning of an exciting new chapter!!



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