Starting as Health Coach

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.

I have decided to do my life’s work as a job. I have always been interested in health: did several health courses, am reading a lot of books about it, did a Teacher Training course of yoga in Rishikesh, India and studied kung fu and tai chi in China.

I think it’s time to reconsider my life and do something with the knowledge I gained. I want to teach people what is good for them and I love the ancient Eastern philosophies. We can learn so much from them and we learn to move and think about our body in a totally different way.

I am amazed by the benefits I had with eating and moving in a healthy way: I got rid of my allergies, I am almost never sick anymore (before I had a cold or the flu at least a couple of times every year) and I am more flexible and my body is more balanced (I feel I move in a different, more grounded way). It would be so nice to let people see the benefits it can have for them for themselves.

Later this year I will start with a website where people can book for online advice or for a private session. My lesson plans for yoga and tai chi will also be on it. People could book me for a workshop near their place if it’s doable for me.

I will keep this blog updated about all the changes…


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