Nepal hit by earthquake!! Avalanche on Mt. Everest…

25 April 2015, a big earthquake hit Nepal, hundreds of people died!

Then the next headline caught my eye: avalanche on Mt. Everest, climbers in danger.

This news struck me as if hit by lightning. I read it over and over again and I couldn’t believe it!

Just 2 weeks before my boyfriend sent me pictures of Kathmandu. A polluted city, yes, but beautiful temples, beautiful people,… It all looked very peaceful!

My flight to Kathmandu was booked for May 10. I would do a trekking to Everest Base Camp and meet my boyfriend when he would come down from the summit at May 20.

Now, I just wondered if he was still alive. If I would ever see him again. I was dumbstruck and tried to blink away the headlines, the stories. No, it was all too real. A disaster really hit Nepal and Mt. Everest and my boyfriend was in danger.

After reading a few stories, I discovered that the avalanche started at 12.40 local time. When I checked my phone, the last picture he sent me was just 2 hours before the avalanche and he was ice climbing. (He was still in Base Camp to acclimatize, but his team was sometimes heading out to train and get used to the high altitude). So, I knew he was not at the tents and feared for the worst.

Base Camp after it got hit by an avalanche…

A couple of hours later (it seemed an eternity), his sister sent me a message. My boyfriend had sent her a message that many people died, but he was just injured, nothing serious, he told her. The relief I felt was immense. At least, he survived! Now, let’s hope for his rescue!!

The whole evening, friends and family have been trying to contact people on Mt. Everest, I have been scanning any website I could find that said something about Nepal. Finally, a mutual friend of ours, also a mountaineer, could reach my boyfriend’s guide and she told him that there were many people injured, some women serious, but everyone survived and was at Base Camp.

After this, I could sleep for a few hours.

The next morning, today Sunday 26 January, I went to work. I am working as an English teacher on the weekends. I was convinced that he would be rescued today with a helicopter. I told myself that everything will be ok. I arrived at work and all of a sudden my friend texted that there were casualties in my boyfriend’s team, among the members and the sherpa’s. I broke down, went back home and cried.

I kept on repeating to myself what I told my boyfriend a few weeks ago and what I repeated to him a few times ever since: there are risks at climbing Mt. Everest, but think about life, don’t think about death. So, I kept on telling myself: think about life ā€“ think about life ā€“ everything will be ok!

2 hours later came the news: My boyfriend is alive! He has a minor back injury, but will be fine. At least 1 member died (the news of several deaths, in their team at least, was not true). The injured can’t be rescued yet, due to bad weather, but they took them to Periche, which is at 4250m and has a hospital.

Right now, I am still waiting for further news!

Let’s all send our positive thoughts to the survivors and the people who lost loved ones. Let’s think about life! Let’s hope for a quick recovery of this beautiful country and its people!


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