The aftermath…

The whole Sunday was nerve-wrecking as well. Will he be ok from now on or not? In the afternoon, I heard that he could take a helicopter back to Kathmandu. I received a text from him that he was in Kathmandu late afternoon.

He called me and told me that he was at the hospital now to see a doctor, but that there were too many people waiting for treatment. We talked a bit and it felt so good to hear his voice! He had to go, because people were calling him, but he told me he would call me back.

I was relieved and knew that, at least, he is in a hospital now instead of still being on the mountain. Around 9pm, I received a message that he saw a doctor and nothing is broken. His back is bruised (apparently, he was afraid that he broke his back, so much for the small injury he told me about) and he has several cuts in arms and legs, but that’s all on the outside, that can heal, I told him. As long as he has no internal injuries – which would be more severe – it’s ok.

I went to bed around 10.30pm, knowing that now, we just have to get him on a flight back home. I was exhausted and wanted to get some sleep, while all of a sudden my friend texted me there was an aftershock of 6.7! I was immediately wide awake again and texted my boyfriend immediately to ask if he was ok. Anxiously waiting for his text, the minutes crept away.

Half an hour later he called me. He is ok. He was having dinner while it happened and everyone ran outside. But I could hear that his morale was low. He was beaten. He sounded tired, but he was also immensely calm.

We talked for 45min and he told me all the details of that awful day. He told me that he heard the avalanche, got out of his tent and ran for his life. He told me that all of a sudden there was a small slope and he jumped onto that. That rescued him, the avalanche didn’t cover him. Unlike all the people around him. The guy in the tent next to him, was taking a nap, so he didn’t get out of the tent and died. Several others died and most of them got serious injuries. He was so lucky! He must have a good guardian angel, which I am very thankful for now!

Do you know, during that phone call, what he was most sad about? Apparently, on the way to Base Camp he bought 2 gem stones: 1 sapphire for him and 1 ruby for me. He lost most of his stuff and he lost those gemstones. He told me that he was looking everywhere trying to get them back. He sounded so sad when he told me. I told him that I don’t care about a gemstone now, as long as he is ok and comes back to me.

I told the story to my friend the next day and she said that, probably, he wanted to hold on to something in the future, to know there is still a future for him and those gemstones symbolized that future. Guess she is right. Who knows what goes through someone’s mind when they survive a disaster like that?

The next day, Monday, I read that there were many aftershocks, so he didn’t sleep, but at least he was still ok. He went to the Chinese embassy, because I told him that they help Chinese to get out of the country. But he told me there was no one working there and too many Chinese were waiting outside. Early afternoon, I got the good news: his sister was able to book him a flight: April 30 at 6.35pm he will arrive in Guangzhou.

He told me that he will try to get an earlier flight, but now I know that at the last, he will be back later this week!! The relief I felt, was immense. A weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I also know that he will survive any aftershocks or any other difficulties he might experience still. He didn’t survive an avalanche to be buried under a building now. He is a survivor and I am proud of him!

In those hours and days that I still wasn’t sure if he would be ok or not, I made a promise to myself. When he would get out of there alive and well, I would devote my life to become better and stronger. He only survived, because he is strong, in mind and in physique. I will take care of my body more, train more every day. And have a strong body and mind as well. He is my inspiration, my everything…

And in a couple of days, I can hold him in my arms again!!!

His side of Base Camp, his tent is in the middle on the right.
His side of Base Camp right after the avalanche.



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