Amazon Fallout

My husband and I have a Cross border business and of course the platform to be is still Amazon. Although, this was not obvious to me a year ago. I have been living in China for 10 years, so I don’t know much what was going on in the rest of the world. I am not tech-savvy at all. My husband had to introduce me 3 years ago to 3G with the mention: welcome to the real world. So, for me, Amazon was a book seller online.

When my husband told me we would do e-commerce and sell on Amazon I didn’t understand. I have been learning so much these last few months about e-commerce and Amazon. I must say, a whole new world opened up for me. And now, I see myself as having to be a Social Media expert (even though I hate to be on Facebook sometimes, let alone other media platforms), and it intrigues me. So, I started to read everything about Amazon and Jeff Bezos. I discovered that I have a competitive mind and want to beat the best. So, I want to beat Jeff Bezos, also because I like honest business and when I read stories of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs on how they treat(ed) employees and I hate to see how they can act just because they are big.

A couple of weeks ago Amazon started to shut down a lot of Chinese accounts without warning because, yes, Chinese are cheating. I don’t like the Chinese to cheat on reviews to try to be the number one seller. This is so low and I want to teach our team to not cheat on this. We will get reviews because we give value and good service.

But today I sent an email to Amazon because I had an issue with Amazon about listing our products. Before, I got an answer days later or even never and I had to start writing angry emails to just get an answer. Now, because Chinese protested before the Amazon building, I got an email every hour signed by a Chinese name. It said that they were investigating our issue and thanked me for my patience.

Amazon is finally getting on their knees?? Inside I am joyous, because finally their arrogance is put down. But, at the same time, I want to learn on how to be so arrogant and not be intimidated by other competitors.

I have been to a Tony Robbins seminar and I am studying Tony Robbins’ Life Coach program to become the best that I can be. My European education and upbringing taught me not to put attention on myself and just keep in line. It is very hard to break out of that. Also, I want to say now that we will beat Jeff Bezos and I know we can, just because my husband and I are from different cultures and I am European. I know different languages and I know different cultures exists. A lot of Americans think that everyone thinks like an American, but the most difficult thing is to get rid of this European modesty of not putting too much attention on you and not be too arrogant to think you are more special.

I am studying Amazon, Tony Robbins and am going to seminars now to get rid of this bad conditioning. Hope everyone will get on their own journey and know that the sky is not the limit.


Tai Chi as a lifestyle

What is Tai Chi?
When I ask people this question, they picture old Chinese people doing exercise in the park, so they see it mainly as a health exercise.

Did you ever think that Tai Chi could be like an iceberg? The top you see above the water is what you see people doing. The rest (most of the mountain) is hidden under water, like most of Tai Chi is hidden in our bodies and mind.

How to start Tai Chi practice?
Tai Chi starts with basic movements and meditation. For me, I also didn’t like meditation the first months of my Tai Chi practice. I found I didn’t want to waste time to just standing still. I wanted to learn the Tai Chi movements and focused on how to perform them well. It was only after I really put some effort in doing the meditation every day for 15 to 20 minutes that I felt a huge difference. I walked differently, like my feet were sucked to the ground with every step and my Tai Chi practice took a whole other level: I had better balance, better focus, better… just an overall huge improvement of my movements.

The basic movements in Tai Chi consist of the figure 8 movement to loosen your hips and to improve coordination with your legs and arms. Our hips are very stiff, because we always do exercise in a linear way: walk, run, cycle,… Our hips don’t loosen, on the contrary, they become more stiff. With Tai Chi you have to move your hips in a circular way, you will loosen your hips and release any blockages you have in any of your joints.

Further Tai Chi practice
With every Tai Chi movement, you focus on your Dantian, the energy center in your body, located just 2 fingers under your navel. From there the energy moves all over your body, to every limb and back to your center. When you feel uncomfortable in a certain area of your body, you have a blockage there. With continued practice and the flow of the movements and Qi (as your energy is called in Chinese), you will release this blockage.

Tai Chi is much more than just exercise, it works with your energy and enhances the natural healing process of your body.

I welcome everyone to my workshops to experience it for yourself. If you can’t attend, send me a private message and we can do an online session. I don’t like to make videos, because you need a teacher to correct your movements. If you do the movements wrong, you will hurt yourself.

Visit my website:

“Kathy De Leye. originally from Belgium, has been in China since 2008 where she has been studying Tai Chi ever since. In 2013, she won a gold and silver medal at an international competition in Henan, China. She received a high score in both the traditional and sword form at the Tai Chi World Championship in 2014, respectively 8.65 for her traditional form and 8.88 for her sword form.
Her aim is to let everyone know the benefits of Tai Chi.”

My updated website

I have been working on this project for more than 2 years – if you count the years I have been practicing martial arts to the level on where I feel myself good enough to teach it, it would be more than 15 years altogether.

I feel exhilarated at this, because this is something I created all by myself and I want to teach people on how to live the life they want! What is a life not lived intensely anyway?

Please comment below on what you think and how I could help you!

Modeling Jack Ma

A couple of weeks ago, my husband organized a big meeting to explain our new project. After the meeting, a guy came up to me and we were talking about Kung fu and Tai Chi, as he knew I was practicing and teaching Tai Chi.

He told me something very interesting, which my husband also told me but I didn’t want to listen. I knew Jack Ma was practicing Tai Chi and that he had a school for Tai Chi in Hangzhou. But, my husband said that his school was not successful and that even he couldn’t earn much money with it.

I have been frustrated that people didn’t want to pay much money for my Tai Chi classes, even though I have many years of experience and did a few competitions. I wanted to make Tai Chi a part of my career, but have been struggling for 2 years now. Eric, my husband, was already saying that I shouldn’t focus on something that I love, but that I need to earn money in another way and just practice by myself. Which makes more and more sense because I could already feel that I liked Tai Chi less and less, because I became frustrated with me struggling to get students and to try to get people as motivated in Tai Chi as I was. I realize now that I can’t change people: I have to accept that most people don’t see Tai Chi the way I see it.

That man told me that Jack Ma is going to make a movie with him acting in it doing Tai Chi. He has an amazing cast, all big Kung fu and Tai Chi stars will be in it: Jet Li, Donny Yen, even Tony Ya from Thailand. I was amazed that he could pull this off. But, now I realize that I have to do like him: I need to earn money in another way. And when I earn enough (doesn’t have to be as much as him), I can practice Tai Chi and do whatever I want with it, because I will have enough money from my other business(es).

I took Tai Chi as an example, because that is my passion and I was listening to too many videos of following your passion and money will follow. Everyone has a different passion, so you can change Tai Chi into your passion. But, I also found out that I have a few passions. My other and greater passion is to be a coach and stand on stage in front of many people. This new project with my husband will get me there. And, who knows, when I have enough money and enough exposure, I can stand on that stage and teach some Tai Chi there!

Western habits

I am teaching at a Chinese company now for a couple of months. They asked me to help them to practice their English, because they will have to go to a conference in London in November to try to attract new business partners.
I love to teach them as they are very eager to learn and they are curious about the Western life and mentality. I realize that I have much experience now about Chinese habits too and am able to tell them that not all foreigners are used to China, its culture and habits.So, we should always bear in mind that when we are abroad people are not familiar with our way of living.When they asked if they could invite potential business partners to dinner, I also realized that I will have to teach them about the Western style of dining and the table etiquette. I know this is now also big business in China! I love it that we can learn so much from each other’s culture.
At home, we are a bit in the same situation. Our tickets are booked to go to Belgium in October. It’s going to be the second time for my husband, but I can see he is already getting nervous and wants to eat more Western food and want to eat with fork and knife again just to get used to it again.
I, on the other hand, love to eat with chopsticks. Even when I was in Belgium I would sometimes eat the food with chopsticks, because I am so used to it and I love the feel of it. I am amazed to see on how it opened my mind to live in another country and in a totally different culture. I appreciate things from Belgium much more when I am there, but on the other hand, I miss things from China a lot as well when I am there.

I feel that I have one foot in Belgium and one foot in China. My husband thinks of moving to Belgium in the future, but I am not so sure. Although, I do miss the European life, because it is more relaxed and quiet, but I also miss China when I am in Europe. I think once you are familiar with 2 cultures, it is hard to choose which one you like more: you learn to love and hate certain things of each culture. I do think it would be good to move to Belgium for a certain period, so my husband can experience what it is to live in another culture and also so he knows my culture more. But only the future will tell where we will live permanently.

7 day juice fast

My husband and I will start a juice fast for 7 days, which is about our new project.

My husband had a restaurant for about 8 months and he could see what restaurant life was. He was shocked at all the food additives that existed and he got the insight that a restaurant is all about making money and doesn’t care about our health. So, they take the low quality cheap meat and vegetables, load it with food additives to look, smell and taste nice.

This was against his and my values! I was more than happy that he sold the restaurant, because I was against it from the beginning as I know that it is hard for a restaurant to keep high quality and still make money.

Our new project is about healthy, natural food. We are reading books and watching a lot of documentaries about healthy food and maintaining a strong healthy body. Later, we will give trainings in these health matters and we are looking for farmers in China to cooperate with us to sell organic food.

Our body is the most important thing we have. When we don’t keep it healthy, we can’t do anything anymore. Money can’t buy health, but you can buy good healthy foods. Many people, Chinese and Westerners, go to fast food places and don’t’ think twice about what they are putting in their mouth.

With this fast I want to see how I will change over these 7 days. We have been eating unhealthy for a few months now, because of the restaurant, because of being too busy to cook at home. And I can feel it: my skin has pimples, I have less energy and my mood is not so good. Last year, I was jumping out of bed at 6am to do exercise. Now I stumble out of bed after 8am and need more coffee to just wake up and start my day. This is not who I am.

I am taking control over my life again by taking care of my body and giving it the food it really needs. I see so many people around me that are unaware of what they are doing and we want to teach people, Chinese and foreigners, here in China and abroad about why we shouldn’t eat at restaurants and what a healthy diet really looks like!

Starting as Health Coach

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.

I have decided to do my life’s work as a job. I have always been interested in health: did several health courses, am reading a lot of books about it, did a Teacher Training course of yoga in Rishikesh, India and studied kung fu and tai chi in China.

I think it’s time to reconsider my life and do something with the knowledge I gained. I want to teach people what is good for them and I love the ancient Eastern philosophies. We can learn so much from them and we learn to move and think about our body in a totally different way.

I am amazed by the benefits I had with eating and moving in a healthy way: I got rid of my allergies, I am almost never sick anymore (before I had a cold or the flu at least a couple of times every year) and I am more flexible and my body is more balanced (I feel I move in a different, more grounded way). It would be so nice to let people see the benefits it can have for them for themselves.

Later this year I will start with a website where people can book for online advice or for a private session. My lesson plans for yoga and tai chi will also be on it. People could book me for a workshop near their place if it’s doable for me.

I will keep this blog updated about all the changes…